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I fell for photography when I was in high school. My photo teacher, Mr. Warren, showed our class the photos he took while floating down the Colorado River in the Grand Canyon. The effect on me took away my ability to speak… I could only point at them. They moved me to my core, and I have never forgotten them.


In that class way back in the mid 70’s I also found what I would spend my life working on: black and white landscape photography and black and white printing. I love Black and white! If color is the skin of the world then surely black and white is the bones. To me, it is so much deeper… it digs underneath things and can get close to the subconscious where images can be felt without being analyzed or even thought about in any way. I love that feeling when it happens to me and love to see it happen to other people as well. Black and white also suits my other interest, the Moon.


My personal challenge as a landscape photographer, and my vision, is to make my work look as lunar as possible. This vision has been with me all of my adult life and I find it fascinating. I can be shooting anything and the lunar visions remain. I have learned how to manipulate both film and paper to see things my way. I think they like it. I hope you will too.


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